Thursday, July 21, 2011

"End of Era" - Retirement of Space Shuttles

Image Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

42 years ago, exactly to date...The United States became the Leader of Space Exploration after President Kennedy challenged America to be the FIRST to walk on the Moon. July 21, 1969 - Neil Armstrong walked on the moon as the American people were watching in amazement from living rooms across the country. As he stepped off the Lunar Module and placed his boot in the surface, he said those famous words "That's one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind."

At 5:57 am EDT the Space Shuttle "Atlantis" touched down at Cape Canaveral, FL. This landing marks the FINAL mission of the USA Space Shuttle progam signed into effect by ummm... our President. :/

I know...I are probably thinking the same damn thing I am: after 42 years of reasearch and exploration...we just shut it down...Seriously?

America, once the LEADER in Space Exploration, will now be put on the back burner and be known as "Hitchhikers in Space".

WHY you say? Well because our President thinks it is best. So instead of taking pointers from a REAL President and true leader of this country, like JFK, he YET AGAIN puts thousands of hardworking, intelligent and super skilled Americans out of work! He sure doesn't want to give up his job and become unemployed.

I am very disheartened at all of this news. I feel as a country, we should be doing everything we can to stay #1 and ahead of the game! Shutting down an inspiring program like NASA is very sad. Me personally...I am not so sure I would trust another country to take me into space and guarantee that they wouldn't leave me up there. could happen!

I personally would travel to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and stand front and center if someone would load his STUPID ASS up in a Space Shuttle and let the Sonic Booms blast away.

I mean really...what is next? Is he gonna shut down our Military and let other countries surpass us in that area too?

Governor Rick Perry (Texas) issued a statement this morning regarding the President's decision...ENJOY:

Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on Final Landing of Shuttle Atlantis

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